Top Cog Computer Services

Always in high gear!

Why Top Cog?

The last few years of development in the computer world have yielded a bonanza for the small business owner and for home computer users alike. Powerful computer systems can be had for the cost (in constant dollars) of a desktop calculator a generation ago -- systems that are faster and have more storage than a campus mainframe from the same era. Inexpensive software tools are abundant, whether it's a word processor you want, or a database, or an accounting package. And the popularization of the Internet rounds out the bundle, giving individuals communication capabilities that were completely out of reach for most people until recently. When all this technology works, it's a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, sometimes problems occur. When you get an error and you call the manufacturer's help line, you sit on hold for an interminable period of time (on your nickel) before being connected to a support technician who is less than helpful. You try the company's website, but you don't know the terminology or how the various components of your system interact, and you can't get an answer. Sometimes vendors tell you that you have to upgrade your system to make it work, or they direct you to another vendor instead, who is no more helpful. Searching for computer support is a lot like being Alice in Wonderland, except that you don't get any cake to eat.

If you don't have problems with your computer, you may still have issues with making it work for you instead of the other way around. You may have procedures that work okay on paper, but you know they'd be more efficient in the computer, if only you could figure out how to do it.

Top Cog can bridge the gap for you, getting you out of the computer business and back into your business. We have years of experience in supporting computer users and working with vendors to resolve software, hardware, and networking issues. We've developed applications for business and government, and we have cleaned up after previous contractors. We'll get to know you and how you prefer to work, coming up with solutions that fit your needs, so you can run in high gear.